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Secret #7

Ahhhh…the scents of the season! It can bring nostalgic memories of past Christmas celebrations. Some smells are of baking cookies and treats, others are fresh greens and a beautiful fir tree. But what ever brings those sweet scents, they also bring a bit of the holiday into your home.

I grew up in the North; the Buffalo area to be exact. And the things I remember most from the holidays are my mother baking TONS of cookies, the wood fire place, the Christmas tree and citrus! Yes, that’s right citrus. Indian River Navel Oranges to be exact. I was in the chorus at school and we sold these tasty treats for fund raisers and they arrived in time for the holidays. There was always a big, sweet juicy orange in the bottom of my stocking on Christmas morning.

But there are other scents, that as a child, I would not have been able to put a name to it. Ready? Here we go…

Paper Whites. You must remember placing these bulbs in rocks and then adding water to start their root growth? When these cousins of the Daffodil open, their white blooms have a strong scent, enough to add fragrance to a large room.

Rosemary. It’s not just for cooking. The tightness of this plant makes it a perfect choice to shape into a small pyramid or Christmas tree shape. Lights and ornaments can easily be added for a festive touch. You can even find them in wreath or heart shapes.

Lavender, fresh and potted in a pretty pot it will add a sweet scent to any room. Bright light is needed to keep it blooming. Don’t be afraid to snip off a piece to use.

Herb Wreaths made of Rosemary, Lavender, Bay Leaves, Eucalyptus will welcome any guest that arrives at your front door for a holiday visit.

Remember I said I loved the smell of citrus? Why not add a small Lemon or Orange citrus tree to your décor. Bright light and proper moisture are a must, and then the plant can be moved outside when the holidays are over. Or when the weather warms up if you live up north.

Love the idea of a live Pine or Spruce tree to decorate, but hate the idea of cutting a tree down? There is a wonderful alternative. You can buy a potted conifer and decorate it for the holidays. Then afterwards, plant it outside in a pot or in your yard.

There is nothing as sweet or tropical as the scent of a Gardenia blossom. This is a popular plant that is forced into bloom for the holidays. So are many of your seasonal bulbs, (especially Hyacinths) and Roses.

These are just a few of the plants you can add to your home for the holidays. With their scents and the cinnamon and spices from your baking, your home will smell heavenly. Enjoy all the scents of the season and Merry Christmas!

Victoria LK Williams


I live in a wonderful small town on the coast of Florida and have plenty of access to the beaches and Indian River. I am a proud Christian. I have great son & I married my best friend over 35 years ago. We have 2 cats. I have been in the landscape business for over 30 years and own a small Gardening Service called Botanical Concepts, providing design, installation and maintenance service for niche gardens. I am the author of the fictional cozy mysteries and a writing blog ( I love to read, walk, garden, watch good movies, enjoy nature and love chocolate and a good cup of coffee!! Did I say I like chocolate?

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