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Be The Garden Reporter


 walsh-bedsPhoto by Botanical Concepts, LLC

 You’ve decided to add gardening to your lifestyle. The first step you need to take is to act like a reporter and answer the 5 questions every reporter knows will make for a great story.

Five one word questions-you’ve heard this before: Who, What, When, Where and Why.

 This sounds silly to apply these questions to gardening, but— if you think about it— it makes sense.

 Who? Who are you planning the garden for? For your own enjoyment? Or perhaps to enhance your landscape so your neighbors will enjoy it and meet the codes of the community.

 What? What is the goal of your landscape design? Are you trying to hide or enhance a view, are you trying to create a pathway and direct traffic? Or are you trying to add color and interest to a mundane landscape?

When? This can be extremely important. When are you planning on doing the Landscaping? During the heat of Summer? If so, watering will be a critical issue. If you’re planting in the January/February months, then you have to anticipate the possibility of a frost which might affect your new growth on her new plants.

bowls on ocean terrace

Photo by Botanical Concepts, LLC

Where? Where do you want to spend your time gardening? In the privacy of a small courtyard garden. Or maybe where you can enjoy the natural view of the ocean or river as you work. 

Why? This is the most personal question of all. Why do you want to go through the hard work and effort of adding to your landscape? It could be a monetary reason such as trying to improve your property value. Or, perhaps it’s merely for your personal enjoyment. Maybe you want to attract butterflies and birds.

44893443 - butterfly - monarch

 Copyright: <a href=’’>zoomtravels / 123RF Stock Photo

Once you determine the answers to those five questions thing you ready to start your quest for a new landscape look.

Happy Gardening!


I live in a wonderful small town on the coast of Florida and have plenty of access to the beaches and Indian River. I am a proud Christian. I have great son & I married my best friend over 35 years ago. We have 2 cats. I have been in the landscape business for over 30 years and own a small Gardening Service called Botanical Concepts, providing design, installation and maintenance service for niche gardens. I am the author of the fictional cozy mysteries and a writing blog ( I love to read, walk, garden, watch good movies, enjoy nature and love chocolate and a good cup of coffee!! Did I say I like chocolate?

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