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Sharing Your Garden

After a day of gardening…

There is something very satisfying about working hard in your garden, and then sitting back to reflect on your hard work. You might be sore, sweaty and tired, but that garden looks good!

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And that earns you bragging rights. It seems most of us gardeners love to talk about how well our garden is doing. Or what problems are plaguing us, what obstacles we have tackled and over come.

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It isn’t at all unusual to strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger while browsing the garden center. Advice is freely given about plant selections, and recommendations are shared about the news gardening tool or trend.

There is almost a badge of honor to lean against your shovel, wipe the sweat from your brow, and talk to your neighbor about the newest plan for your garden. We excuse our looks, because we’ve earned every dirty smudge or drip of sweat rolling down the center of our backs.

But there is another way that is enjoyed for sharing your garden. A celebration of sorts. Entertaining that same neighbor or visiting family member in your garden. A small table and chairs, under the umbrella or canopy of overhead trees with a ready pitcher of ice tea and frosty glasses are perfect for spending time together.

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Now is the time to relax and enjoy your hard work. Listen to the birds, watch the butterflies and breath in the scents on the afternoon breeze.

Now compare your gardening tales in comfort and style as you share your garden.


I live in a wonderful small town on the coast of Florida and have plenty of access to the beaches and Indian River. I am a proud Christian. I have great son & I married my best friend over 35 years ago. We have 2 cats. I have been in the landscape business for over 30 years and own a small Gardening Service called Botanical Concepts, providing design, installation and maintenance service for niche gardens. I am the author of the fictional cozy mysteries and a writing blog ( I love to read, walk, garden, watch good movies, enjoy nature and love chocolate and a good cup of coffee!! Did I say I like chocolate?

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